Monday, May 7, 2007

Republican candidates and evolution

In the first Republican debate, 3 candidates raised their hands when asked if they did not believe in evolution, Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo and Mike Huckabee. All I can say is Thank God the rest have at least a modicum of sanity. Someone commenting on the Washington Post blog said had best answer, "the correct answer is that you cannot 'believe' in evolution. evolution (as a process) is a demonstrable fact."

The Liberal Values blog makes a good point also. Huckabee had said that he didn't understand what the question had to do with being President of the United States, but as the blog rightly points out, it's incredibly important that the President of the U.S. have a basic understanding of modern science. Evolution is a fundamental backbone of biology, and the specious debate over evolution has become a precious waste of our judicial system's time and money. With around 50% of American rejecting evolution (rejecting reason for blind faith) this issue will continue to gain importance... We may as well be arguing about a flat earth!

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Sus said...

Tom Tancredo is nothing but an over-blown up bag of stale air. Being formerly of Denver, I can tell you what a idiot the guy is and all I can say is may his campaign wither in the desert plains of Colorado!

Anonymous said...

E.O. Wilson's words keep ringing in my ears: "men would rather believe than know."

zardozrocks said...

Formulate a question for the candidates and post it on YouTube