Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Creation

Shared by a fellow Christian evolutionist, Warren Aney, this poem really touched me. It's beautiful. I share it here with his permission

Genesis 1

In the beginning there was only God
Just God
Nothing else
No time no space no energy no matter
But it did matter
To God

So God created
Something out of nothing
God created
Time and space and energy and particles
And God created
The laws for this universe
And there was neither night nor day
Then energy became light
And God saw that the light was good
This was the first day
Three minutes long

Then the matter came together
And became nebulae and stars and exploding novae
And this was the second day
Two billion years long
And God saw that it was good

Then came bodies of liquid and gas
And bodies of solid rock with water and air
And these bodies rotated from dark into light
Another day
Six billion years long

Then in a special place
The waters became rich
And out of this richness came life
And this life divided and multiplied and transformed
And God saw that it was good
And this was one more day
Three billion years long

Then the waters brought forth swarms of living creatures
Tiny floaters became small swimmers, and seaweeds, and fish
And Earth rotated from dark into light
A fifth day
One hundred seventy five million years long

Then life crept unto the land
And grew out of the ground
And sprang into the air
There became earthworms and ants and snails and birds
And there became ferns and flowers and grasses
And snakes and lions and apes and antelope
And God saw that it was good

Then this universe became aware of itself
An ape looked up and saw the stars
And thought
And wondered
It is said
God told this human
Take care of things
And God saw everything that had happened
And behold
It was very good
And the earth rotated from dark into light
The sixth day
Four hundred million years long

Now God rests and enjoys
The seventh day
Five million years long
So far

Copyright (c) 2005 Warren W. Aney


David said...

I really like this.

Melody S. said...

Wow! I love it! Thanks for sharing. That was beautiful!

The Quintessential Feline said...

oh I like this! Deep yet beautiful, if that makes sense.

Thanks for sharing it, Wendee. :-)