Friday, March 27, 2009

Awesome video

Please all Christians watch this awesome and funny video of a Christian to other Christian on why you should listen to the expertise of REAL scientists - ie evolutionary biologists!

IN fact check out his whole "channel" - I haven't watched any of his other videos but I'll be back to check them out!

I will post some links to blogs etc on the Texas State Board of Education results from the past 3 days testimony and voting of the Board on science standards. It's a mixed bag.


jess said...

But I found a dinosaur in my jar of peanut butter just last week!!! ;)

I'm so stealing this and posting it on my blog. Let's see how many people "unfriend" me on FB this time.


It's agreat video, but isn't it the funniest thing the clip inside on the PB!! ROFLOL!!